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2006-06-23 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2006-06-24 Teachings Of The Buddha To Rahula 35:00
Corrado Pensa
The talk describes both, Buddhist teachings on everyday's action (body, speech and mind) and teachings about meditation, with strong emphasis on anatta and equanimity.
2006-06-25 Listening To The Teaching; Listening To Ourselves I 42:43
Larry Rosenberg
The teachings are guides to living. We test these teachings in the fire of living out our life.
2006-06-26 Trusting The Practice 36:42
Corrado Pensa
Practicing with suffering is being considered through different angles
2006-06-27 Listening To The Teaching; Listening To Ourselves II 45:19
Larry Rosenberg
Same as Part I.
2006-06-28 Understanding, Letting Go And Love 37:52
Corrado Pensa
Starting from right understanding and right intention, the relationship between equanimity and love is examined.
2006-06-29 Listening To The Teaching; Listening To Ourselves III 46:37
Larry Rosenberg
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