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Engaged Buddhism
2014-10-05 Engaged Buddhism
Applying the insights from meditation practice and dharma teachings to situations of social, political, environmental, and economic suffering and injustice. Contributions are offered by individual teachers, and organizations such as Buddhists for Racial Justice.
2015-02-04 Sangha - Exploring our belonging and kinship 42:13
Ruth King
In this talk we explore the "relative" reality of kinship - patterns that harm (blindness, silence, and sameness) and mindful practices that heal and bridge separation.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks
In collections Sangha - Exploring our belonging and kinship Engaged Buddhism
2015-06-17 Beloved Community 53:27
Tara Brach
Martin Luther King’s term, “Beloved Community,” points to our potential for living together with love, justice and respect. This talk explores the often hidden expressions of racism that fuel separation and violence, and pathways toward healing and freeing our collective hearts.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks
In collections Beloved Community Engaged Buddhism
2015-01-16 On the Path of the Beautiful and Beloved Community 63:29
Larry Yang
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Metta
In collection Engaged Buddhism
2015-05-05 Reclamation of the Sacred 60:33
Recognizing causes of collective dislocation. Naming colonial devastation. Way of the tender heart.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Sacred Tenderness: Exploring the Energies of Our Hearts
In collection Engaged Buddhism
2014-10-05 Mindfulness and Climate Action 5:47:04
This series of five conversations with dharma teachers was held October 5 through November 3, 2014.
2014-10-05 Mindfulness and Climate Action : 1 1:13:52
Thanissara with Tara Brach, Ruth King and Jack Kornfield.
In collection Mindfulness and Climate Action
2014-10-12 Mindfulness and Climate Action : 2 69:28
Thanissara with Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Ayya Anandabodhi Bhikkhuni and Susie Harrington. In this conversation, Susie Harrington mentioned two sources: Kerry Nelson’s offering of online workshops at A Place for Peace as well as Vinit Allen’s Sustainable World Sourcebook. Both offer ways to engage individually but also at the community level.Rev angel Kyodo williams mentioned the site What Is Missing? from Maya Lin offering an interactive experience of all that has been and continues to be lost to which you can add your own accounting.
In collection Mindfulness and Climate Action
2014-10-19 Mindfulness and Climate Action : 3 68:37
Thanissara with James Baraz, Catherine McGee and Chris Cullen.
In collection Mindfulness and Climate Action
2014-10-26 Mindfulness and Climate Action : 4 65:35
Thanissara with Bonnie Duran, Chas DiCapua and Vinny Ferraro.
In collection Mindfulness and Climate Action
2014-11-02 Mindfulness and Climate Action : 5 68:40
Thanissara with David Loy, Ayya Santussika Bhikkhuni and Ayya Santacitta Bhikkhuni. Unfortunately, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi was ill on the day of our call and was not able to join us. We wish him a speedy and thorough recovery. In this call, Ayya Santussika Bhikkhuni mentioned two resources: the international, interfaith effort Our Voices as well as the “Pledge to Mobilize” at the Climate Mobilization. She also invited those interested in taking action together as Buddhists on the national or local/regional level to email her at santussika at Finally, Dave Damm-Luhr mentioned the upcoming film from the same group that brought us “The Overview Effect.” This new film, “Planetary” (see the trailer here) maybe well-timed for action around the March deadline for targets into the UN climate talks that Lou mentioned.
In collection Mindfulness and Climate Action
Attached Files:
  • Mindfulness and Climate Action Background Paper by Kritee Kanko and Lou Leonard (PDF)
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