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Vimalo Kulbarz's Dharma Talks
Vimalo Kulbarz
Vimalo, Anagarika (Walter Kulbarz): German-born meditation teacher. Born 1931. 1958: samanera ordination at former Thai Embassy, London with twin brother (Dhamko) by Chao Khun Vimaladhammo, Abbot of Wat Mahathat, Bangkok. Both trained as samaneras under Ven Pannavaddho. Bhikkhu ordination in Rangoon. 1967-76: resident in Thailand. Returned to Germany, disrobed and is currently attached to Haus der Stile, Roseburg, near Hamburg. (quoted from The Buddhist Handbook by John Snelling, 1991).
1992-05-10 The Role of Right Attitude in Inner Transformation 52:03
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1992-05-09 Dealing With Difficulties 37:56
1992-05-09 Morning Meditation:Instructions & Guidance 53:38
1991-02-22 Polarity And Balance 38:31
1991-02-20 Dhammapada Verses 1 And 2 39:14
1991-02-19 Dependent Origination 32:04
1991-02-19 Guided Meditation 38:30
1991-02-17 Challenge Of Life 39:15
How to deal with pleasant and unpleasant situations, temptation, non-acceptance, happiness, and suffering in such a way that they help us to grow and find inner peace.
1991-02-17 Guided Meditation 33:58
1991-02-16 How To Deal With The Negative Side Within Us 40:53
Learning to accept, integrate, and transform our dark sides allows us to see conflicts as an integral part of inner development and an essential aspect of enlightenment.

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