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Vimalo Kulbarz's Dharma Talks
Vimalo Kulbarz
Vimalo, Anagarika (Walter Kulbarz): German-born meditation teacher. Born 1931. 1958: samanera ordination at former Thai Embassy, London with twin brother (Dhamko) by Chao Khun Vimaladhammo, Abbot of Wat Mahathat, Bangkok. Both trained as samaneras under Ven Pannavaddho. Bhikkhu ordination in Rangoon. 1967-76: resident in Thailand. Returned to Germany, disrobed and is currently attached to Haus der Stile, Roseburg, near Hamburg. (quoted from The Buddhist Handbook by John Snelling, 1991).
1990-06-15 The Contemplation Of Breathing: Anapana-sati 59:51
Exploring the 16 aspects of Anapana-sati, one of the most important forms of meditation taught by the Buddha.
1990-06-15 Guided Meditation Into The Fullness Of Anapanasati 44:49
1990-06-09 Learning To Deal With The Hindrances 38:34
Developing the skill to transform hindrances into meditation objects and chances for inner growth and development.
1989-04-22 Closing Talks 53:06
1989-04-21 Four Brahma Viharas 48:40
1989-04-20 Essence Of Buddhism 62:21
1989-04-18 Self Acceptance And Anatta 1:22:32
1989-04-15 Meditation Instructions 42:09
1989-04-14 Opening Talks 47:58
1988-05-28 Untitled Talk And Questions And Answers 34:45

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