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Nathan Glyde's Dharma Talks
Nathan Glyde
Nathan Glyde has been practicing and studying meditation since 1997, and sharing teachings on retreats since 2007. In 2004 he co-founded SanghaSeva whose retreats emphasise wisdom and compassion in ecological and humanitarian service.
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2021-03-27 The Great Practice of Life 1:12:57
Online Dharma Hall session exploring practice in all four postures, and making the efforts to awaken the paramis and abandon the hindrances, and their roots and routes.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2021
2021-03-13 All Kinds of Kindness 63:43
What would our practice look like with mettā at the centre, as the goal, or as the heart of all we do. Guided practice and talk.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2021
2021-02-28 Appreciation and Enjoyment 53:35
Guided meditation and talk at Gaia House's online Dharma hall session on "What, when I do it, will lead to my long-term well-being and happiness?".
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2021
2021-02-26 Muditā and Samādhi 46:37
Exploring a central place for joy on the path of release from dukkha
SanghaSeva Lingering in Happiness
2021-02-26 Muditā Guided Meditation 43:01
SanghaSeva Lingering in Happiness
2021-02-25 Day 1 - Instructions: Enjoying Listening to Present Experience 59:56
An invitation to find more pleasant and enjoyable ways of breathing, or to discover ways to meet sounds with more space and intimacy.
SanghaSeva Lingering in Happiness
2021-02-24 Opening to Lingering in Happiness 46:56
Meditation as the cultivation of wellbeing, or attuning to or supporting the coming into being of pleasure. Muditā as a way of relating well with appreciation and joy. And enriching and absorbing into harmony and happiness in samādhi.
SanghaSeva Lingering in Happiness
2021-02-21 "I Can Wait" - Surfing the Urge of Distraction and Dukkha 65:56
A guided meditation and talk (at least somewhat) inspired by Matt Mullenweg's bio: I can think, I can wait, I can fast and Nir Eyal's book Indistractible we explore the "don't scratch the itch" meditation and dependent origination teachings for freedom and well-being.
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2021
2021-02-09 Short Vedanā Exploration 18:22
Guided Meditation on the hedonic classification of experience
2021-02-07 Magically Making Time 1:18:43
Guided meditation and talk from the Online Dharma Hall
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Feb 2021

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